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Kirby Devon tablet counters

We make tablet counters, batch counters, pharmaceutical, scientific and technical equipment. All our products carry a 12 year parts replacement warranty. We also offer a technical design/manufacturing service to other companies and government agencies.

We make the K11 tablet counter and the SBC1/LBC1 batch counters. Established in 1971,  we manufacture in the USA and the UK. We  specialize in high quality stainless steel work combined with advanced electronics using digital, RISC, CISC, DSP and  motion control system technologies. We design and manufacture all our own products in-house. We also offer a technical design/manufacturing service to companies and government organisations; one-off or quantities.

Our products are designed especially for the export market, to be tough and ultra-reliable. If a part fails we will send you a replacement  free-of-charge, and we keep spare parts for 12 years. There is easy access for repair. The customer can replace any part in a few minutes, usually using only a screwdriver.

All prices shown include shipping (CIF) to anwhere in the world by UPS air-express. You can place an order by phone, fax, mail or e-mail. You can pay by check, direct bank transfer, bankers draft or credit card.

Export orders outside the UK and USA are handled by the British company:-

PL8 2JH, ENGLAND-UK. TEL 44 (0)1752 881717  FAX 44 (0)1752 881710

Kirby Devon

610 S 28 St, Port Ind Area, PO Bx 124,
Washougal, WA,  98671, USA
(Tel) 360 835 7739  (Fax) 360 835 9304