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LBC1 Batch Counter

The LBC1 Large batch counter

The LBC1

Finance available in the USA/US



The LBC1 is a large integrated industrial machine which counts tablets and capsules into containers. It uses essentially the same hopper, rotary feed, flap system, detecting and counting circuits as the LBC1. There is an automatic container belt feed (indexing) system, with 4ft diameter rotary holding tables at the start and finish.

The containers are fed from the rotary holding table automatically onto the two belts and presented to the bottom of the chutes. The belt height is adjustable to fit the container size. After each tilt of the flap the belt feeds another container into position automatically. A pressure sensor detects when the new container is in the correct place and stops the belt.

The two holding tables and two feed belts are driven by standard NEMA size 34 stepper motors under automatic control with manual override.

The LBC1 carries a 12 year parts replacement warranty.

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