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SBC1 batch counter

The SBC1 small batch counter

The SBC1

interest-free 6 months (USA/UK)



The SBC1 is a small (pre-set) batch counter which uses a rotary feed system.The hopper holds about 10,000 average sized tablets. You set the machine to count the quantity and size of batches you want. For instance you might want to count 100 bottles, each with 50 tablets. 100 would be the batch quantity, and 50 would be the batch size. The tablets move out of the hopper onto the rotating disk and line up along the spiral arm. They are counted as they fall off the edge of the disk. The sensor measures impact, so it will detect any type (including transparent) of tablet or capsule. The operator can adjust the threshold to ignore fragments. The control system slows the disk down for the last 3 tablets of each batch and then pauses for one second to allow the flap to operate accurately.

The flap directs succeeding batches alternately into the left or right chute. The chutes are changeable to fit different container sizes, and the container stand can be adjusted to suit different container heights. The operator can set the hopper clearance, disk speed, sensor threshold, batch size and batch quantity. The operator removes each full container and replaces it.

The counting rate varies with tablet size. In general smaller tablets can be counted fastest. Large tablets take longer. Average size tablets (eg Aspirin) will typically be counted at about 300 per minute. The machine has two pre-set 4-decade counters, one for batch size and one for batch quantity. All control buttons are solid state. The detection circuit also uses a solid state impact sensor. The disk is driven by an industry standard  NEMA size 23 stepper motor which gives accurate speed control with full torque down to zero rpm. It is also reversible, for unjamming. The flap is driven by a standard NEMA size 17 stepper motor. The SBC1 carries a 12 year parts replacement warranty.

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