Kirby Devon

(Tel) 360 835 7739  (Fax) 360 835 9304

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About Kirby Devon

Kirby Devon manufactures in both the UK and the USA. We have our own mechanical and electronic workshops. All our drawings are done in 3D CAD. We have machining, fabrication and finishing workshops for high quality stainless steel work. We design, assemble and test our own circuit boards in-house. We use digital, RISC, CISC, DSP, microcontroller and motion control system technologies. We design for ultra-reliability. We also offer a technical design/manufacturing  service for companies and government organisations: one-offs or quantities. We are not cheap, but you do get a 12 year parts replacement warranty.

WHAT IS THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN KIRBY DEVON AND KIRBY LESTER? Kirby Devon Ltd is the original parent company and was founded in England on January 1st 1971. The K11 (originally sold as the KL7/KL8) was invented by Frank and John Kirby in 1967-70, in Manchester, England. The surviving brother, John, is our Chairman. Kirby Lester Inc was founded as an American sales subsidiary in 1975 but split from the English parent company in 1983. Kirby Devon Inc was started in 1993 in Washington State to set up manufacturing for the USA. There is no connection between Kirby Devon Inc and Kirby Lester Inc. The split was amicable. John Kirby and Rod Lester remain friends.

Exports outside the UK and USA are handled by the British company:-

Kirby Devon Ltd.       Tel 44 (0)1752 881717
Elm Tree House,       Fax 44 (0)1752 881710
South Devon, PL8 2JH
UK-Gt Britain

Kirby Devon

610 S 28 St, Port Ind Area, PO Bx 124,
Washougal, WA,  98671, USA
(Tel) 360 835 7739  (Fax) 360 835 9304